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anyone interested in a potters co-op?

updated tue 2 feb 10


Nan Thurn Kitchens on mon 1 feb 10

For years friends of mine have been discussing an "Old Potters Home" at NCE=
CA. A relative to the

communes some of us lived in during the 60's and 70's=3D2C each member of a=
o-op has=3D20

an individual living space with an equal ownership of and responsibility fo=
r a common area.

This is a more simplified version of condominium living.

Many of my potter friends have been grumbling more about the weather this w=
inter and caused me to=3D20

think more seriously about this kind of living arrangement.

I am polling to see how much interest there would be for a potters or artis=
t's co-op in=3D20

the Florida Keys. For each member the co-op would offer a ground level one =
bedroom one bath apartment=3D2C=3D20

an additional large common entertainment space outdoors maybe with a common=
kitchen and a=3D20

large pottery studio space. Owners would have an basic investment of $180=
=3D2C000.00 to $200=3D2C000.00

for all the above. Off season rentals of each unit may also be allowable by=
the individual owner.

Four to six units would be the initial offering with space for possible fut=
ure additions.

If you have interest=3D2C please email me offline clayarchitecture@hotmail.=




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37 305-451-9885

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