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fw: re: drying platters? rr

updated wed 3 feb 10


Rimas VisGirda on tue 2 feb 10

I wrote the following to RR, then thought it might be suitable for the list=
ing... -Rimas

--- On Mon, 2/1/10, Rimas VisGirda wrote:

The shower cap thing got me thinking... and thinking it's not such a hot id=
ea. You can't put the shower cap right after throwing or you'll goof up the=
lip/rim. If you wait until it's stiff enough not to deform then it's (mayb=
e) too late as the rim has started to shrink already... My best solution fo=
r even drying, as in my previous mail, is to cover the whole piece with som=
ething permeable to moisture. I sometimes use an upside down cardboard box,=
sometimes an upside down paper shopping bag for taller things. If I'm doin=
g a load of stuff, I've got a baker's bread cart (on wheels) and have made =
12x16 (or 18?) sheetrock ware boards that slide in and out. I'll put my wor=
k on the sheetrock and drape a sheet over the whole rack; that acts pretty =
much as a damp-room with no air currents blowing or
wafting over lips, handles, etc. Things dry VERY evenly. -Rimas

--- On Mon, 2/1/10, Rimas VisGirda wrote:

Hi, wasn't me. I dry my platters and larger tiles under a layer of newspape=
r. Sometimes I've cut down a box to fit upside down over the work. It sits =
on sheetrock ware boards.-Rimas

--- On Mon, 2/1/10, wrote:Hi Rima=

Was it you
who sent the idea about using shower caps to slow down rim drying?

Should have saved that one - RR