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studio layout and planning:fans

updated thu 4 feb 10


Stephani Stephenson on wed 3 feb 10

Thanks Patty , I have definitely been looking into attic fans the house a=
nd for the shop...=3D20
just to take the hot air out of the u pper portion
I have been looking at those turbine fans..( i think of them as 'turban' =
fans, because they=3D20
have a sort of turban like profile) the passive, non powered fans you se=
rather than powered fans , but=3D20
will check out the solar..p.s.=3D20

anyone have a comparison on how these 2 work?

am also thinking about whether a 'mister' for damp cabinets. i have som=
etimes set=3D20
bowls of water in damp cabinets, but some of the area misters they have m=
ight do=3D20
nocely...anyone tried this? solar powered misters maybe?


Patty wrote:
Costco is selling a solar attic fan for under $300. We put two on the
house, two in the woodworking shop and one in the pottery studio (300 sq
ft). All structures without ceilings, (open beams or rafters). They rea=
suck the heat out when the sun shines.

Stephani Stephenson on wed 3 feb 10

Kathy, re the ceiling fan issue and dust...
These attic style fans would exhaust air,rather than blow air
though certainly swamp coolers introduce air, as do open windows etc,=3D20
introduce currents of air...
i cannot imagine a studio without active air circulation , especially one=
temperature and comfort level will depend on it.
i think it takes very little to set clay/dust particles into motion. so i=
am thinking better to=3D20
1.keep it clean 2. cotinue to wear a respirator when needed
3. take some of that activity outside
and 2. get those microscopic particles at least flowing out rather than =
hanging about...

also the evaporative cooler would tend to introduce moisture, which would=
possibly carry=3D20
the little buggers back the same way a rainstorm cleans the ai=
r... i have done=3D20
this occasionally when i have set particles in motion working with dry =
materials. even=3D20
though i wear a mask,=3D20
dry materials are put into a container sometimes you see a little cloud e=
merge from the=3D20
container...i'll take a spray bottle and spritz the air over and around =
the container, to=3D20
clear the air=3D20
just my thoughts as i mull over this very valid question.
thanks for the thoughts

Stephani Stephenson on wed 3 feb 10

thanks for the recommendation re swamp cooler...
and your mist-er
i like your=3D20
innovation and resourcefulness, as always!