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cylcon dust removers (was) air filtration systems, air movement, a=

updated fri 5 feb 10


Dave Drake on thu 4 feb 10

nd HEPA filters

Oneida ran an add in Cer. Monthly for their product "The Dust Deputy"
claiming it's for clay dust. It's a relatiively cheap cyclone stuck befo=
the shop vac. Wood workers love it and it's badless. BUT I find it hard=
believe that it safely removes the finest si and clay particals.=3D20=3D20

One review by a drywall contracter said it helped, but his filter soon
clogged up so it wasn't good for the small fine particles!

So what is this really approved (and Proven) to work for? I have a brick=

house, so cutting an exterior vent isn't a pleasant thought for a central=

here is the amazon link

and the companies link:

A search on these archives seems to say previous cyclone vaccums like Dys=
don't get the small particles so A true HEPA is required and external
exhaust the best.=3D20

Others mention a water trap system where the dirty air goes underwater to=

trap the fines. I doubt that works as if the are suspended in air, many =
not most will make it thru w/o contacting water.=3D20

Anythoughts on what would be a good interior system that requires few
expensive HEPA filter changes?