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dustless vacuum, really!!!!!

updated sat 6 feb 10


Linda Stauffer on fri 5 feb 10

I just purchased a dustless shop vac from Dustless Technologies and it =3D
is fantastic!! I vacuumed the studio and All the clay dust remained in =3D
the vac, It has a 5 micron hepa filter in it. no more dust!!!!
On Feb 5, 2010, at 12:30 PM, jonathan byler wrote:

> some shop-vac hepa filters are washable and re-useable. I would not
> use any cyclone type thing and expect it to get any of the clay dust
> that is silicosis causing. those dusts are lighter than air and the
> cyclone requires the particles to be heavier than air to fall out and
> settle at the bottom. they sell an attachment for sanding drywall
> that runs the vacuum essentially through a 5 gallon bucket in order to
> pre filter the air coming in and reduce filter load, but I don't think
> this is a substitute for an actual hepa filter with clay work. dry
> wall, the dust doesn't matter so much as for the most part plaster
> dust is just a nuisance dust and not going to cause long term
> respiratory harm (unless is is plaster with portland cement, ala
> hydrostone, ceramical, and others).
> I would just do wet cleaning, and use a wet vac to suck up excess
> water and clay. cause even if you have a hepa filter, you have to
> change it/clean it at some point, which means dust everywhere.
> -jon
> On Feb 4, 2010, at 11:29 PM, Dave Drake wrote:
>> I hear you but these guys are advertising in Ceramics Monthy
>> specifically
>> about clay dust. Either they should make clear claim it removes fine
>> particals OR be DAMN SURE they say it doesn't adequately remove
>> silicosis
>> causing particles. I can them saying "Vastly reduces the amount of
>> buildup
>> on your HEPA filter and HEPA filter required for safe opertation
>> indoors, etc.
>> Anyone else know anything about if this is a safe product for indoor
>> shop-vac use llike they are advertising?
>> Thanks--DD
>> On Thu, 4 Feb 2010 09:07:17 -0800, Rikki Gill
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Dave,
>>> Central Vacs, those that vent outside the building are the best. I
>>> have
>>> used mine for years now, and it does a great job. It is less
>>> expensive, and
>>> was rated just as good when I bought mine.
>>> It is a Galaxy, made near Boston, and you can goggle them.
>>> Good luck,
>>> Rikki Gill
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>>> From: "Dave Drake"
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>>> Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 9:40 PM
>>> Subject: Cylcon dust removers (was) air filtration systems, air
>>> movement,
>>> and HEPA filters
>>> Oneida ran an add in Cer. Monthly for their product "The Dust =3D
>>> claiming it's for clay dust. It's a relatiively cheap cyclone
>>> stuck befor
>>> the shop vac. Wood workers love it and it's badless. BUT I find
>>> it hard to
>>> believe that it safely removes the finest si and clay particals.
>>> One review by a drywall contracter said it helped, but his filter
>>> soon
>>> clogged up so it wasn't good for the small fine particles!
>>> So what is this really approved (and Proven) to work for? I have a
>>> brick
>>> house, so cutting an exterior vent isn't a pleasant thought for a
>>> central
>>> unit.
>>> here is the amazon link
>>> =3D

>>> and the companies link:
>>> A search on these archives seems to say previous cyclone vaccums
>>> like Dyson
>>> don't get the small particles so A true HEPA is required and =3D
>>> exhaust the best.
>>> Others mention a water trap system where the dirty air goes
>>> underwater to
>>> trap the fines. I doubt that works as if the are suspended in air,
>>> many if
>>> not most will make it thru w/o contacting water.
>>> Anythoughts on what would be a good interior system that requires =3D
>>> expensive HEPA filter changes?
>>> Thanks--DD