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loading front setting of the hobagama wood-fired kiln update

updated tue 9 feb 10


gary navarre on mon 8 feb 10

Hay Crew,

Did I get another lazy streak or what? Maybe not though cause I got awful =
tired trying to carry three videos up to cyber storage. As most folks who h=
ang around YouTube long enough start finding out little piss-offs can take =
days to work around. I kept getting this error message... Oh, well you'll s=
ee! This ain't about playing with YT but rather the results, so...

We left off with temporally bricking the door and lighting the Pig-nose fo=
r a warm-up dry-out fire to keep any slightly damp clay from freezing while=
conceiving of the next couple of layers of pots from the comfort of the st=

After I figured out what size pots I needed for the lower layer with the r=
e-fire I dismantled the practice setting and set the larger pieces in place=
s to test an idea of their location...

So, outside for a closer look at the stack smoking and a nice dry-out Pig-=
nose fire to warm things up so I can load the setting I'm visualizing...

My suspicion is the condensation is not from water in the pieces but surfa=
ce moisture on the wood from rain and snow week before.

Next will come loading that batch of pots as long as my windows movie make=
r holds out and I don't have any more error messages from YouTube. I think =
it might be this computer is getting old because when I used the Dell Dimen=
sion 2400 a guy I know gave me it didn't get the "unknown error" or "timed =
out" message (yet) and the bulk uploader worked like it should. I'm still p=
retty new at this electronic stuff so if something is broke I can easily th=
ink it's my fault.

So fooling with solving the up-loading problem wasted a lot of throwing ti=
me but now I have a half dozen pieces of Michale Wendt's porcelain and the =
last of the Rovin RO-99 setting up to trim that just might get us closer to=
finishing off the load...

... so stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA