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pierantozzi/patterson pre-nceca workshop roommate

updated tue 9 feb 10


Jackson Gray on sun 7 feb 10

Darn Russel - wrong sex. I too am looking for a roommate for roughly the s=
ame time. I have a hotel with 2 beds for Sat the 27th checking out Tuesday=
the 30th. I think it is just a couple blocks from Sandi & Neil's place, b=
ut I really need to find a FEMALE roommate. So if someone of either sex is=
interested, maybe Russel or I can help.

I'll be arriving Sat AM just in time for the workshop, hence the Sat check-=
in and have an NCECA room starting Tues full of roommates.

I brought Sandi and Neil to San Diego for a 5 day workshop for CASD a coupl=
e of years ago and it was so much of the participants actually cr=
ied when it was over. Click on the site Russel references and see for your=
self. I highly recommend it!

Jackson Gray

Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 16:50:06 +0100
From: Russel Fouts
Subject: Anyone attending the Pierantozzi/Patterson Pre NCECA workshops?

Is anyone planning to attend this workshop?

I've signed up for both sessions.

Is anyone interested in sharing a hotel room for the nights from Friday =3D
the 26th to Monday the 29th. I check into my NCECA hotel Tuesday =3D

I haven't booked my plane ticket yet but they inevitably arrive in the =3D
evening so I will probably arrive the evening of the 26th.

Otherwise, would anyone be willing to have a house guest for a these =3D
nights? I'm house broken but allergic to cats and smoke.


Russel Fouts
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