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mastering raku; the book and the exhibition

updated wed 10 feb 10


Marcia Selsor on tue 9 feb 10

Dear Clayarters,

If you are in the Boston area you might want to catch a glimpse of this =3D
show: "Mastering Raku: The Book And The Art Within" at the Jared =3D
Branfman Memorial Gallery in the Gorse Mill Studios
Here is an description off the gallery poster:=3D20
Mastering Raku:
The Book And The Art Within

February 1-March 19

I am proud and honored to be able to host this exhibition. Mastering =3D
Raku: The Book And The Art Within is the first major exhibition of raku =3D
ceramics in the Eastern USA. It brings together fifty of the most =3D
important artists from around the world working in the medium today.=3D20

Raku is often thought of as having a singular style, a uniformity, and a =
likeness from one work to another. As you walk through the exhibit I =3D
hope that this misconception will fade and you will be enlightened by =3D
the variety and differentiation, by the personal expression and =3D
individuality, and by the divergent paths taken. =3D46rom the trophy-like =
vessel of Rick Foris, to the dark strength of James Watkins cauldron. =3D
The humor nestled in Amber Aguirre=3D92s figure and the pensiveness of =3D
Collette Beardall=3D92s portrait. The abstract expression of Jim Romberg=3D=
clay paintings to the simple white figures of John Mathieson. Draw your =
fingers across the soft surface of Tim Andrew=3D92s work and then touch =3D
Geoffrey Pagen=3D92s wall tile. Take a close look at the subtle detail in =
Harvey Sadow=3D92s surfaces and then try to maneuver your eyes in and out =
of Marvin Sweet=3D92s sculptures. Absorb the disparate shards and negative =
space of Patric Crabb=3D92s assembled vessels. Examine Nathan Anderson=3D92=
t =3D
glass wrapped bottles and then look at the shadowed surfaces of John =3D
Dorsey=3D92s pots. There is the homage to ritual that Rick Hirsch envokes =
and the whimsical childness in Ruth Apter=3D92s animals. Perhaps even my =
own work will draw your attention. Similarity? Sameness? Uniformity?

Take a walk with these artists from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, =3D
Switzerland, France, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Enjoy your visit.

Steven Branfman
February, 2010

Steven Branfman organized an exhibition of all the contributors in his =3D
new book, Mastering Raku.
After much work and help from his friends, the exhibition opened this =3D
past weekend.
You can see the exhibition at the picasa site below. The opening night =3D
is also in the picasa attachment.

There are 50 raku artists exhibiting.=3D20



I am very excited to be part of this exhibition along with so many =3D
outstanding Raku artists..
Marcia Selsor