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nyc studio closing sale

updated thu 11 feb 10


Cindy Gatto on wed 10 feb 10

Hi all,
As you know I am closing The Mudpit after 11 years. Sad as that might be=3D
for me I am selling everything off at great prices so it could be your lu=
cky day. I have come up with what I think is a more comprehensive list Ple=
ase keep in mind there is so much stuff that it boggles the mind when you=
try to list it all.=3D20

Walker pugmill $750
tile/metal press 50
thomas stuart wheel prodigy 500
randall kickwheel 150
T-60 slipcasting station 750
MM1 slip maker/reclaimer 200
Ridgid air filtration units 2@ 150ea
Baileys "smokebuster" air filter unit 500
cash register 50
air conditioners 2 -12,0000BTU/ 1- 8,000BTU
Skutt 1027 800
olympic 2327 oval 800
Skutt 714 600
Mel's/Nil's gas/electric hybrid this kiln can do ^10 red OR just ox-it sw=
ings both ways 700.
raku kiln w/ 24" cube for top part
There are also some wood tools for sale please just call me about that stu=
ff-router, table saw, drum sander,planer, drill press, band saw, etc
I also have-slop sinks w/waterboxes, display pedestels, plastic 5 tiered=3D
shelving units, metel shelving units, bats, chairs for 5 bucks, stools,wo=
rk tables, 5 tiered cubby hole units, slip-hi and low, some clay, coat rac=
k, BBQ grill, patio set asst accessory stuff like tools, mold straps elect=
rical stuff underglazes, all size buckets and garbage cans w/lids wheeled=
dolleys to go under them, If anyone is setting up a studio I have alot of=
the little "stuff" that makes life easier. Also keep in mind everything=3D
we have has been serviced and taken care off with love and affection. I=3D
have always demanded that everything in this studio be treated with compl=
ete it is all in very good condition!
I also have to find homes for my cats so if anybody out there wants, knows=
someone you wants some amazing ceramic studio friendly cats please let me=
know. If any body could or knows someone who could foster any of them for=
a few months that would be a big help. Thanks a bunch. Please contact me=
at 718-218-9424 or 347-907-9240. The first number is the studio which is=
best if you have questions about stuff.
Thanks again,