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fwd: nceca dining out

updated tue 16 feb 10


Paul Borian on mon 15 feb 10

just thought i would chime in here - i grew up in that area and still go
there to visit family - but if anyone is vegetarian there is a chinese (and
kosher to boot) restaurant called "cherry street." if you google "cherry
street vegetarian philadelphia" you will find it.
they used to save all their fryer oil for me so when i would be in the area
i would run my diesel van on it for the trip back to KY. i haven't been
there in several years so not sure what they do with it now.


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From: Rob Hackert
Date: Feb 15, 2010 9:56am
Subject: NCECA Dining out

> As a transplanted Philly guy I can tell you that the city is abundant wit=

> restaurants of just about any type food you desire.

> One place where you can get, Greek, Mexican, Italian, fresh bread, et al
> is the

> Reading Terminal Market, between 11th & 12th Streets, on Arch Street, it
> is

> diagonally across the street from the Philadelphia Convention Center. It
> is a

> huge place and to this day the Amish still have produce, and prepared foo=

> stands there as they did starting in 1895 selling to those riding trains
> to

> outside the city.

> Not shilling for anyone, just being informative.