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nceca i'm not going

updated thu 18 feb 10


Eleanor on wed 17 feb 10

I appreciate that NCECA has great value for clay artists (potters),
teachers, entrepreneurs, students and networkers and that the Clayart
Room is a wonderful "side effect". And there are all those great
places to eat...............

I went once and found it was not for me.

I don't teach, I have all the equipment and tools I need, I sell some
but it's not a living for me, I have a large collection of clay-
related books, I watch a lot of youtube demos, and I network locally
in a craft guild which offers workshops. Also I'm overweight so
restaurant food is a no-no.

The Clayart Room was a delightful experience: a hug from mel,
greetings and handshakes from warm, friendly people, an awesome
display of mugs, but......

So I'm not going. I am staying home and continuing to read my Clayart
Digest every day. I am hoping that while Clayarters are enjoying
Philly, those of us who stay home will continue to ask and answer
questions, argue back and forth, philosophize and exchange information.

The Clayart List is food for my soul---and it's not fattening. :-)

Eleanor Kohler
Centerport, NY

digging out yet again---global warming where art thou?

".... philosophers lay down many precepts fair in argument but not
applicable in use"

--Sir Francis Bacon

MEUNIER LEE on wed 17 feb 10

Many claybuds have filled my screen with personal messages lately, and ques=
tions.=3DA0 I've answered=3D0Asome directly but am feeling a tiny bit self-=
sured because I haven't time this week to answer=3D0Aeach one.=3DA0=3DA0 So=
oooo, =3D
moderator permitting, I'll answer them on List.=3D0A=3DA0=3D0A1)=3DA0 Meuni=
er.=3DA0 L=3D
ots of questions about origin of this name which for some reason now shows =
up=3D0Aon Clayart as my identity.=3DA0 I must have made the change myself b=
ut c=3D
an't for the life of me=3D0Aremember when.=3DA0 Meunier IS my first name, g=
to first girl born in each generation stretching=3D0Aback four generations=
=3DA0 at least:=3DA0 Meunier Joyce=3DA0 Rollins Lee.=3DA0 Nice to have a se=
nse of h=3D
istory=3DA0 BUT=3D0Ait's misleading.=3DA0 For much of my life I thought we =
were F=3D
rench.=3DA0 Nope.=3DA0 Simply a pregnant, fanciful=3D0Agreat-great-great gr=
her who attended a performance in Louisville of an acrobatic troupe=3D0Acal=
d The Meuniers who were supposedly from France.=3DA0 Sorry it isn't more th=
it is.=3DA0 Thank you for=3D0Aindulging my memory lane trip.=3D0A=3DA0=3D0=
A2)=3DA0 No,=3D
I'm not going to NCECA and probably will not in the future unless it's onc=
e again within=3D0Adriving distance.=3DA0 I still love flying.... as it use=
d to=3D
be just a few years ago.... always an=3D0Aadventure...... but not today.=
=3DA0 =3D
As is Eleanor, I'm staying home and dedicating the week to =3D0Aexperimenti=
yet again with shino glazes as well as=3DA0 Tom Coleman's new glazes, whic=
=3D0AI have found are a wonderful way to begin new work.=3DA0 AND I am fina=
lly =3D
going to make the time=3D0Ato join our new 3D desert artists group if they'=
still have me.=3DA0 I no longer join anything, nor=3D0Aattend anything abo=
ut w=3D
hich I have=3DA0 reservations concerning how meaningful it is to me.=3D0AI =
miss the clayarters.=3DA0 I've never, ever tired of them............=3DA0 =
I wi=3D
ll use the money for some=3D0Agreat workshop in 2010 of which there are man=
=3D0A=3DA0=3D0A3) Advice for NCECA, requested by many, many of you:=3DA0 =
=3D0A=3DA0 I r=3D
ead ALL the literature ahead of time...... read every post about=3D0ANCECA =
.... pay special attention to Clayart planned activities.=3DA0 Make notes.=
Highlight events.=3DA0 Contact Bonnie Haleman, Lori and Wayne to see if the=
re=3D0Aputting together any lunch/dinner groups and beg to be included.=3D0=
Pack it all in a special zippered briefcase.=3DA0 THEN never look at it aga=
...... forget=3D0Aeverything I read except for generalities...... dash abou=
t =3D
(or hobble about whichever=3D0Ais prevailing at the time) ..... exhausting =
self completely by end of second day.=3D0ACan't even recall where to regist=
for the conference itself, sprinting (in my dreams)=3D0Afrom one significa=
place to another.=3DA0 Usually wind up taking cabs which was not=3D0Apart =
of m=3D
y plans but highly recommend them.=3DA0 Forget to contact Lori so spend hou=
trying to remedy that=3D0Asince she's always going someplace great.=3DA0 P=
and=3DA0was=3DA0wonderful with=3DA0it's easy to board public=3D0Atransporta=
tion/no =3D
steps..... free always to everybody....... and where there's a LAW posted a=
ll=3DA0over stating=3DA0that one=3D0Amust offer seat to an elderly person a=
nd/or =3D
handicapped one.=3DA0 Often wind up=3D0Aspending too much time in Clayart r=
oom =3D
because it is SO worth the effort.=3DA0 Ask=3D0Aclaybuds if they have pictu=
res =3D
of their work...... they usually do....... but I, who=3D0Amost years, am th=
e =3D
one to remind folks that the rest of us REALLY do want to=3D0Asee pictures =
pots..... invariably forget my own!!=3DA0 =3D0A=3D0AAND I've always had a =
great =3D
time!!=3DA0 Every single year.=3DA0 When I'm overwhelmed=3D0Aby the mass of=
, I'm usually happy.=3DA0 When I find myself alone, I people watch=3D0Aand =
am v=3D
ery happy especially when I'm "watching" Mel, Robin Hopper, Tom=3D0A& Elain=
e =3D
Coleman etal etal etal.=3DA0 I've loved showing up as part of the massive s=
port=3D0Agroup for claybuds who are doing demos or presentations.=3DA0 We l=
big and cheer=3D0Aloudly for Our Own.=3DA0=3D0A=3D0A=3DA0I usually don't g=
o to the d=3D
ance since discovering that there's a great smaller group in=3D0A=3DA0the C=
rt Room taking it easy, enjoying the conversations which usually last for=
=3D0Alonger than the usual maybe 10 minutes we get with most claybuds .... =
tually a lot=3D0Aof give&take, tale telling, laughing, developing new frien=
hips....... to each her own,=3D0Abut for me that has often been a significa=
part of my memories.=3DA0 And I adore that=3D0AMarta is usually there; she=
tributes such good will vibes to any group! AND the=3D0AFabulous Four.... w=
t fun they are and what good men, too!=3D0A=3D0AIt's all good.=3DA0 (expens=
ive, t=3D
rue, but good]=3D0A=3D0AJoyce=3D0AIn the Mojave desert of California where =
the te=3D
rriers are loving the 75 F weather as am I.=3D0AThey're such a source of jo=
=3DA0 Thank you all for asking about them.=3D0A=3D0AProud to be a Founding =
Board =3D
Member of Potters Council=3D0A

Larry Kruzan on wed 17 feb 10

Subject: NCECA I'm not going

I appreciate that NCECA has great value for clay artists (potters),
teachers, entrepreneurs, students and networkers and that the Clayart
Room is a wonderful "side effect". And there are all those great
places to eat...............

digging out yet again---global warming where art thou?

Hi Eleanor,
I'm always sorry to hear that folks can't go to NCECA, not because of not
being .... whatever, or in my case this year, continued health problems are
keeping me home. NCECA is a total clay experience that I urge anyone who ca=
go to do so.

Every time I come home from it, I am energized, enlightened and challenged
to expand beyond where I am. Two years ago in Louisville while in the
company of Robin Hooper, he and I examined a lovely bowl for just a few
moments - that one bowl out of all the many I have seen pushed my glazes
into a new direction. The short chat with Robin about it was inspiring and
his conclusions about it were so instructive.

I was able to spend lots of time with Bill Shinn as he operated Bailey's
Pneumatic extruder, which I bought (yes I know). He showed me why I needed
this extruder - which has paid for itself several times over.

As I watched Steven Hill throw and talk about his work I knew that I someda=
wanted take a workshop with him. We have since done that to and it was so
great I'm going to do another one as soon as I heal up from this next

This personal interaction with the "greats" of the pottery world is what
sets our craft apart from so many others. Our greatest craftsmen are
approachable, willing to share their insight and they (mostly) go to NCECA.

I do understand not being able to go, really - I just wish I could this

Larry Kruzan
Lost Creek Pottery

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