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wood-firing the u.p. hobagama 2010

updated fri 26 feb 10


gary navarre on sun 21 feb 10

Hay Crew,=3D0A=3D0A Have you ever gotten to the point where even you can't =
d how long it's taking you to tie our shoes? That's how I was feeling about=
the beginning of last week when I was still making some bottles to fill so=
me spaces in the crown setting of the Hobagama 2010. My friend Teresa in Io=
wa said, "Just fire the dang thing Gary!". So making came to an end at the =
bottom of this Fotki page...=3D0A=3D0A
c/page4.html=3D0A=3D0A By Thursday I was cheating and drying the last few p=
s in the oven because even I was tired of waiting on me to start bricking u=
p the door and get a can of charcoal into the pignose so we can load her up=
with fuel to start water soaking...=3D0A=3D0A
a/kpap/wfuph210/=3D0A=3D0A This time around I'm not panicking if the fire d=
oes =3D
down or even out, so to speak, because once I got a bed of coals built I co=
uld push them up into the bottom of the Bourry with an all metal children's=
sized garden hoe. I can hardly believe it! I went into Wal*Mart lawn and g=
arden thinking of metal but willing to settle for a $4 one with wooden hand=
le and what do ya know, there is a children's play hoe and it's tougher the=
n the adult version. Man that green paint smells sweet when it boils off in=
the coals. Do cadmium vapors have an exotic flower aroma? Well it works gr=
eat and when I push the coals up the ridge of the coal bed acts as one end =
of a grate and the mouse hole covering of the pignose is the other. Air com=
es from behind and under the tips of the 35" logs resting on the coal pile.=
I can actually put my arm into the pignose to guide the bigger sticks and =
not feel the heat from the coal pile or walls of the pignose. I'm sure glad=
I practiced
lighting the dry-out fires. By the time I get the pignose full of fuel the=
fire is just beginning to take off and I put the door bricks back. I figur=
ed out a real workable way to set them and have lots of adjustable air hole=
s. =3D0A=3D0A After the last stoke an hour ago I left it at 590=3DB0F and c=
g in the crown and 430=3DB0 in the tail. I'm taking more video than picture=
s =3D
this time too so that should be interesting. I might need to find a differe=
nt video site if I keep having uploading problems with YouTube, been gettin=
g error loading messages for over a week and I got a mew modem to boot, 45.=
2 Kbs right now and I usta get 41 if I was lucky.=3D0A=3D0A I better go giv=
er a=3D
check out and fill some fuel if I can. Then I'm gonna lay down for a while=
and do a Thomas Edison nap so stay tuned and stay in there eh!=3D0A =3D0AG=
ary =3D
Navarre=3D0ANavarre Pottery=3D0ANavarre Enterprises=3D0ANorway, Michigan, U=
A=3D0A =3D

gary navarre on wed 24 feb 10

Hay Crew,=3D0A=3D0AThursday 2/20/2010=3D0A=3D0ADoor sealed up. Lighting the=
=3D0A=3D0ASaturday 2/20/2010=3D0A=3D0A8:30PM Started writing a kiln log on =
paper. G=3D
ot up from a nap. The kiln has been on a slow Pignose fire since Thursday n=
ight, two days, and the chamber was about 350=3DB0F in the front and 300=3D=
B0 i=3D
n the tail.=3D0A=3D0AMonday 2/22/2010=3D0A=3D0A Holly wuhu, I got the Hobag=
ama to 1=3D
100=3DB0 at 6:00AM with just the pignose so far and no smoke yet! I think I=
an lay down for an Edison and catch a few zzz's.=3D0A=3D0ANoon Wednesday 2/=
010: =3D0A=3D0A Last night at about about 10:00 I had to get some sleep aft=
er s=3D
toking for four days and only a few Edison's. Cone 10 was well gone in fron=
t but the back half was still yellow-orange and none of the other cones wer=
e doing anything. I did some tricky stick handling in a secondary stoke hol=
e when I noticed a cone pack had almost slipped off the shelf and would hav=
e fallen or melted on a pot had I not attempted to manipulate it back in pl=
ace with a burning stick. I felt like the first Chimp that discovered termi=
tes on a stick. =3D0A=3D0A I'm still pretty exhausted and my typing is way =
too =3D
Dyslexic and frustrating to keep writing for now so I'll just post some pic=
tures with explanations when I get a chance...=3D0A=3D0Ahttp://public.fotki=
/GindaUP/ca/kpap/wfuph210/=3D0A=3D0A I've actually shot way more video than=
lls so that will take a lot longer to produce.=3DA0I'm not certain yet but =
I =3D
think something happened=3DA0to my connection bcause when I logged in I'm g=
ting 115.2Kbps. How is that possible on what I think is a 56K modem? I was =
always getting 41.2, 38.2, maybe 44 but never more than 56K on dial-up. I'm=
gonna try uploading the movie about slathering on slip glaze again and if =
it works start the firing shorts.=3D0A=3D0A Oh well, back to tending the Ho=
ma. My pal Peter stopped by and gave me some non-potter reminder tips to ge=
t her going again and I think I got the stoking pattern that will get the f=
ront back up so I can side stoke and mature the tail. The front Dragon Pots=
are toast and I'm sure I got way too hot, cone 11 is flat. It looks like I=
melted Michael Wendt's porcelain pretty good. I wash I had asked for some =
of that clay Mel was testing but I still got that Finlander thing and didn'=
t.=3D0A=3D0A Back to stoking so stay in there eh!=3D0A =3D0AGary Navarre=3D=
0ANavarre =3D
Pottery=3D0ANavarre Enterprises=3D0ANorway, Michigan, USA=3D0Ahttp://www.yo=