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backyard shed studio

updated thu 25 feb 10


Barbara Brown on wed 24 feb 10

Years ago I was given a metal one car garage and Charley made it into a s=
tudio for me in the back yard. In the beginning I had 1 Skutt kiln in th=
e back of the building, a year or so later Charley took the back off the =
building and added an addition with a door and window and we put 2 elect=
ric kilns there (Skutt 1020 and 1027). I have what is called in Californ=
ia "Time of Use" with PG&E. It is cheaper electricity from 6pm in the ev=
ening to 12 noon the next day. I have a Skutt wall computer(Kiln Master) =
that can be used on either kiln. I start my kiln at 6pm and it is finish=
ed firing (cone 10) by the next morning when I go to the studio. This wa=
y I am never working in my studio while the kiln is firing.

Barbara Brown

Kathy Fields on wed 24 feb 10

When building an extension to my house, partly for the studio, several deci=
sions were made concerning the electric kiln.=3D0A1.=3DA0 Divided the 26 x =
24' =3D
space into two sections with the smaller area, farthest away from all other=
spaces in building, used for kiln and other toxic tasks.=3DA0 =3D0A=3DA0=
=3DA0=3DA0 T=3D
his division has proved helpful in ways other than those expected, however,=
the first reason was to separate and control the environment, to some exte=
nt, of activities which are most toxic.=3DA0 =3D0A=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 In our en=
wind and heat are the biggest difficulties for anything outside.=3DA0 Leav=
g the kiln outside without protection was a non-starter because of the extr=
emes of both elements.=3D0A2.=3DA0 Included an exhaust vent with the purcha=
se o=3D
f kiln -- L&L small/medium, with electronic controls.=3DA0 Use this exhaust=
ent every time, starting and stopping the exhause somewhat before firing be=
gins and ending somewhat after turn-off.=3DA0 =3D0A=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 One time=
forgot an=3D
d exhaust turn on was delayed.=3DA0 The air was bad and reacted to it right=
way and noticeably.=3DA0 Turned on exhaust AND opened both the door and win=
w for a time to clean the air.=3DA0 The window is right over the kiln and t=
door is just to its right.=3DA0 =3D0A=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 Opening these two is =
an additio=3D
nal help when the weather is cooperative.=3DA0=3D0A3.=3DA0 I fire overnight=
t exclusively so exposure to the toxins=3DA0for any lenghth of time is mini=
l.=3DA0 Its also easier to keep the dog and cat out this way.=3DA0 =3D0A4.=
=3DA0 Exc=3D
ept in bad weather, the window is left open during warm weather -- most of =
the year --=3DA0if for nothing else than syphoning off heat from the studio=
n general.=3D0AAdditional thoughts on this subject:=3D0Aa.=3DA0 In a worst =
case e=3D
vent -- fire or the ever present concern with earthquakes -- proximity of t=
he door would allow throwing stuff out into the sand or more easilly throwi=
ng sand on a fire from the doorway.=3DA0 =3D0Ab.=3DA0 One thing I would do =
is mak=3D
e sure the electrical circuit box is located away from the kiln and somewhe=
re you can get to in a worst case event.=3D0A=3D0A=3D0AKathy Fields=3D0AIn =
the Moja=3D
ve Desert, USA=3D0ATrees are coming into bloom and some flowers are showing=
=3DA0 =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A