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fwd: backyard shed studios

updated thu 25 feb 10


Paul Borian on wed 24 feb 10

i would never put the kilns inside that shed - it would seriously limit how
much time you can spend working in there. "Got some time to work today but
i can't because the kiln is firing"...that would get old really fast. it
will be worth the time and money to build a little extension outside of it
for the kilns.

i had an electric kiln in my garage studio for a short while before i build
my kiln shed so i know how bad it is.


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From: Steven Lederman
Date: Feb 23, 2010 12:59am
Subject: Backyard Shed Studios

> Hi, All;We're moving into new digs and I've purchased a shed to stick in
> the backyard and make into a ceramics studio of sorts. There's shelving,
> and some room for other stuff, like a wheel and my two large Skutt
> kilns.Now, here's where I need the advice. You other folks that have a
> similar set-up; do you keep the kilns inside the shed, or do you have
> them outside or in a separate enclosure? I know these things give off
> traces of harmful gases - should I not run the kilns while I'm working in
> the shed for prolonged periods of time?Any advice would be appreciated.