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priddy brushpainting workshop in austin texas is happening now!

updated sun 28 feb 10


Elizabeth Priddy on sat 27 feb 10

Jeff and I are in Austin Texas!

Clayways studio is getting all remped up for the next two days. I had an u=
nfortunate Err1 message from my L&L instead of the perky and satisfying CPL=
T. So I have limited work here with us, but we are making lemonade.

We will use varied work from the studio's abandoned pots, some of which is =
really fantastic. I will post pictures on my blog after we get the deeds d=

This morning is inroduction and brush pasics. Then a presentation at 1 pm =
of work and a little history/painting/brush info.

Anyone in the area ia welcome to stop in for that. We have a full workshop=
and I can't recommend more highly any workspace. The vibe and the facilit=
ies here are fantastic. It reminds me a LOT of Dan FInch's pottery in Bail=
ey, NC, which will always feel like ground zero for clay for me.

I will demonstrate today and get everyone working with their brushes in the=
afternoon. We will fire the day's pieces and have a little mini kiln open=
ing tomorrow. Fun stuff!

- ePriddy

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA