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irish mugs and other puzzles

updated mon 1 mar 10


lili krakowski on sun 28 feb 10

Waiting for a reply to this: When someonme comes in and asks for an =3D
Irish Tea Mug--why not say flat out: "I am sorry. I have never seen or =3D
used one. But I have a number of different mugs--is any one of them like =
what you want?" Or you say: "Last time I was in Ireland/I never was in =3D
Ireland --the mugs were like any other."

Point being that customers, esp. those with special orders, are nervous =3D
and unsure of themselves. So what they want FROM YOU is personal =3D
interest, at least a pretense at "I care deeply..." and a feeling that =3D
they are important.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage