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u.p. hobagama 2010 wood-firing results continued

updated wed 3 mar 10


gary navarre on tue 2 mar 10

Hay Folks,

So far I've only found four pieces, besides the beads, that are not cracke=
d and have an interesting surface that might be dry and rough but not notic=
eably under fired. I'm only into the front left corner of the chamber and i=
t looks like most of the rest of the pots will be under fired so they will =
need to be unloaded, examined for cracks, all the loose fly ash cleaned up,=
and some might get a coat of clear glaze just to see what will happen when=
they are re-fired...

It looks like I got a solid ^11 right up front but moved the cone pack dur=
ing a Pignose stoke and ^9 & ^10's melt got stopped by by a pot...

These two are keepers...

... as is the one on the left...

... and this Dragon Pot...

... but it shows the stress cracks on the inside so it really is not succes=
sful and here is one still where it got blasted...

I've still got some of that porcelain left so I can give it another try an=
d change the way I set the load and fire past the quartz conversion I might=
be able to pull it through the next firing. Let us hope the only scrap is =
in the front and I can replace them and fire again before next winter. I'll=
just consider the rest of the load a good high bisque.

A couple folks suggested loading the top of the chamber tight as possible =
and make channels and voids for th
Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
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Norway, Michigan, USA