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updated sun 21 dec 97


Hill Family on sat 20 dec 97


Thanks to all that responded to my message on soda glazing at cone 6.
Any one with additional info on the subject, such as, what soda material
you use
and how it is introduced into the kiln etc., please post it.

Now to the burners.
I,ve just completed construction of a catenary arch, down-draft kiln for
soda glazing.
The kiln has 16 cu. ft. of stacking space and is constructed from hard
brick with soft brick back-up for insulation. I purchased 2 burners from a
potter who was retiring,( at age 80). The burners have a thermocouple and
electrical safety system. They are constructed from 2" black pipe and have
forced air blowers.
By using Olsen Kiln Book, and several other sources, I have concluded that
I will need aprox. 200,000 BTUs per burner. I have installed a 500 gal.
propane tank and will be operating the burners at 0 to 20 inches pressure
on the water column.

What orifice size will I need to achieve 200,000 b.t.u. @ 20 inches

I have come up with a drill size of 5/32" but I am unsure about this.
Can anyone help?