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shelves for woodfiring

updated sat 6 mar 10


shane mickey on fri 5 mar 10

I have seen nitride bonded shelves used in wood kilns alot, they work well =
nd the whole stress to difference in temp is hog wash. I could argue that p=
tting them in a fiber or soft brick gas kiln causes more stress due to the =
uick nature of the cool down. Wood kilns are notorious for taking days to c=
ol. The advancer shelves do pose more of a risk due to their tight matrix, =
ut usually when they have failed it is do to the owners fault. advancers le=
t out in the rain or freshly washed then taken up in temperature to fast. I=
have personally seen and know of many people using advancers and the chines=
nitiride shelves used in soda kilns where they are sprayed directly with t=
e sprayer at cone 9. Nothing happens. =3D

Now as to the durability of the shelves with slits. I have ordered and used=
them exclusively. The best testing grounds i have seen them in is at penlan=
school of crafts large salt kiln. They have warped over the last 5 years, =
ut so do all shelves except advancers. I know of no failure in the kiln due=
to the cuts in the shelves. I have not witnessed any cracking from these cu=
s and in private studio use i feel they hold up very well. FYI you can buy =
hese shelves from any clay supplier but they area all the same to me. shop =
round get the best price. shipping will kill you.
shane mickey kiln design services

/ =3D

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