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ball milling oxides

updated tue 16 mar 10


mel jacobson on mon 15 mar 10

i have a small rock tumbler.
the only use it has for me is ....cobalt.
i have a couple of recipes that call for cobalt...and
often the cobalt leaves spots...yes, spots of blue.
(sometimes it looks ok, sort of nice.)
in most cases, i don't like, i add a half cup of cobalt ox
and carb mixed...add to rock polisher...add a few river stones and water
and let it mill for a few days. let it dry, add to a small container.
no more spots. if need be, no drying, just guess amount and add.

and, the river rock erosion is so small you will never see it.
this is not porcelain, it is brown stoneware clay.
so. not much shows anyway. i really hate blue spots.

i can see if you fire electric, have a fussy glaze on white clay...milling
is a good thing. can solve many small problems.
we do not want dolita in the clayart room, in her baby blue jammmies, bunny
slippers all pink...wanting food and a mug exchange, 6 a.m...good lord, som=
lock her door from the outside.

and, by the way, if we go by raw numbers, clayart is about the same
size as nceca. and, we sure do a good job of teaching about ceramics.
in fact, a damn good job. (just like today, pete pinnell, vince,
david hendley
and a long list of clayart faculty...perhaps the best faculty in the world.=
then add tony, dannon, lili, and the kodak town full time potter, hank and
buemee...we do alright.
from: minnetonka, mn
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