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clayart room schedule/nceca

updated sun 14 mar 10


mel jacobson on sat 13 mar 10

man, we have a great deal going on.
i sure do not have a clear handle on a `complete` schedule.
nothing is in stone.
even the `buses` are not ordered, or totally in
again, i am not in charge of that.

like so many things, i am not in charge, i am the facilitator.
we have the space, the people, but the schedule will
be in flux. and, i am on my third hotel conference director, and the
world changes with each one. the gal we did our contract with is
long gone...she does not even work there any longer. so, we will all
have to take things as they happen.

i don't even know who is in charge of the mug exchange..
muggettes...???who is it.

so, if we have any who think doing a convention is some sort
of easy, `no problem` task.....well, i have some evidence to show you
that is different than expected.
(and, can we borrow your visa card for a month.)
from: minnetonka, mn
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