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important nceca information

updated sun 14 mar 10


mel jacobson on sat 13 mar 10

we are doing all possible to make sure the clayart room and
all the fixings are going to be in good shape for you that
are attending nceca.

it is a bit `whacky` right now, but we hope it will all smoooth out

i have to go into the hospital a week monday and have this
`bundle branch blockage` fixed. it should be a simple procedure
like an angiogram. it is called an `ablation of the heart`. but that
means i leave for philly just a few days after the procedure. so,
i have to be sure things are `ok`. doc says not worry...but.
just want to alert friends that we may all have to scramble a bit
for time, space and a perfect week in philly.

from: minnetonka, mn
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