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mug exchange and bacia presentation (meunier is joyce)

updated wed 17 mar 10


MEUNIER LEE on tue 16 mar 10

I agree with Russel completely.=3DA0 You've taken on a tough job, Rebecca, =
t it=3D0Adoesn't have to be any tougher than it has to be.=3DA0 You've rece=
much=3D0Athoughtful input.=3DA0 Now perhaps it is time to make a decision =
out apologies=3D0Aand do the job you were entrusted to do.=3DA0=3D0A=3D0A=
=3DA0As many=3D
have indicated from their=3D0Aown experiences, you're not going to please =
erybody.=3DA0 So?=3DA0 You now know=3D0Athat yourself and could probably sp=
eak vo=3D
lumes on the subject.=3DA0 Now is the=3D0Atime to make the decision....... =
no v=3D
oting, no more input....... just do it!=3DA0 You'll=3D0Abe relieved once yo=
u do=3D
and=3DA0again happily=3DA0relieved when it's all over and as many as=3D0Ap=
e are milling about the room smiling and looking for the creator of their=
=3D0Aalready treasured piece.=3D0A=3D0AYou will be rightfully proud of your=
self a=3D
s you receive appreciation from our=3D0Apeers.=3DA0 Your reward will be a h=
ul expectation that you'll take the helm again=3D0Anext time ..... and you =
ll, I hope.=3DA0 After all, you'll then be one of the few =3D0Atrue=3DA0exp=
erts o=3D
n this event!=3DA0 So lighten up, make a decision and enjoy the ride.=3D0AT=
will be a few other bumps to come but many who've been there who will=3D0A=
willing to help.=3D0A=3D0AJoyce=3D0AIn the Mojave desert of California whe=
re the=3D
one-year old cairn terrier (who is=3D0Anow about twice Mojo's size) had ap=
rently forgotten about beautiful Spring=3D0Ain the desert ....... tries to =
end every second possible outdoors where the=3D0Amail lady and the short ye=
ow school bus both wait for him to come to the gate=3D0A(inside, of course)=
o be mutually greeted and admired.=3DA0 =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A__________=
__________=3D0A=3D0A=3D0AThere are 3 1/2 hours between the end of the break=
out gr=3D
oups (6pm) and the beginning of the dance 9:30pm on friday=3D0A=3D0ACouldn'=
t we=3D
do both within that time? The mug exchange usually takes about 2 hrs and B=
acia's presentation will take less than an hour. That leaves us some flex t=
ime.=3D0A=3D0AWe can do the presentation before the mug exchange or after. =
I wo=3D
uld prefer before since the object of the mug exchange is to meet people an=
d we should allow plenty of time for that.=3D0A=3D0ARebecca, I'm not trying=
to =3D
take over, just trying to find a solution to both our problems and sometime=
s. With a group this size, it's better to limit the choices or just say, th=
is is what we're going to do.=3D0A=3D0AWould that work for everyone or does=
eone have another idea?=3D0A=3D0AI could bring donuts for Dolita and you ca=
n al=3D
l come in your jammies if you really want to. ;0)=3D0A=3D0ARussel=3D0A=3D0A=
Russel F=3D
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