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nceca idea display in the lobby

updated sun 21 mar 10


Veena Raghavan on sat 20 mar 10

Hi Mel,

How are you going to decide on what goes in the display areas in the lobby.
Can one ask to be one of the people who gets a slot (would like to display
one of my carved celadon pieces), or is it by lottery, or is it by
selection, or does the Mayor just decide (seems like it would be his right =
since he
made the arrangement, and I am sure we would all bow to his taste and
selection, but then he does not like bud vases!). Seriously though, can you=
us some idea how we could participate if possible.

Thanks in advance and so looking forward to being with y'all.


In a message dated 2/27/2010 10:26:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,
melpots2@VISI.COM writes:
> she claims to have display areas in the lobby, that would
> be nice to contain pots...AS IN POTS.
> i think we may be able to fill those display areas.
> hmmmm, what do you think?
> kind of nice....