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new studio in sanford, fl

updated fri 12 mar 10


Rosanne Sloane on thu 11 mar 10

Hi Clay Friends,

A friend of mine, Tracy Wilmes, has opened a ceramic studio in Sanford, F=
called Cup O' Pottery. Tracy Wilmes is offering group activities.=3D20

Check the studio out:

Cup O=3D92 Pottery, a new local pottery studio, has a creative and affordab=
solution for people wanting to grow and expand their artistic abilities. =
Join us=3D20
for Social Caf=3DE9, a night of fun and conversations through pottery=3D85a=
ew and=3D20
different experience for group happenings, date-night and girls night out=

We offer several fun and exciting hand-building projects for you and your=
friends/loved ones. Each project allows you to explore the basic princip=
les of=3D20
functional and decorative pottery while expanding the inner artist in you=
Projects are designed for the clay novice=3D85participation and a smile wil=
l earn=3D20
you an A+!

1st Project: Flower Vase

2nd Project: Bake/Serving Dish=3D20

3rd Project: Hanging Lounge Light

4th Project: Teapot

Projects 1-2 emphasize the basic fundamentals of clay building. Projects =
expand on these principles and incorporate texture and surface=3D20
embellishments. The Social Caf=3DE9 can typically meet for two hours in the=
evenings once a month for four months to complete all four projects.=3D20

What=3D92s included?

Flexible night time schedule set by the group=3D20
Instruction on basic clay design=3D20
Clay for projects=3D20
Usage of pottery tools=3D20
4 completed and glazed projects=3D20
Hot coffee=3D20
FUN with friends and family!
Creative investment: $40 per person/project

Enjoyed your first Social Caf=3DE9 experience? Bundle the next three projec=
ts and=3D20

Minimum group size =3D3D 6. Max =3D3D 20.=3D20

Group organizer gets a free gift: T-shirt, hand-thrown pottery piece or=3D2=

discount at next Cup O=3D92 Pottery visit.

Get your creative fill!

Contact us today.

Cup O=3D92 Pottery
2867 Stonewall Pl #101
Sanford, FL 32773
(407) 421-5460