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potters in italy

updated sun 14 mar 10


Marcia Selsor on sat 13 mar 10

Potters are not in the big cities.=3D20
There are potters in San Gimignano. Pietro's center is in Certaldo. The =3D
SACI Art school in Firenze must comply with very strict laws regarding =3D
glaze mixing and disposal.
There are good museums in Faenza, mosaics from 4-5th c. in Ravenna.=3D20
There are 300 show rooms in Deruta. The most authentic majolica factory =3D
there is "de Gracia" , they use Piccolpasso's methods.
In Impruneto, south of Florence, the factories there use the large coil =3D
building method for large garden pots.. Their huge kiln is fired with =3D
I am more familiar with the historical sites. The Tarot garden by Nikki =3D
de Saint Phalle is an hour north of Rome.=3D20
Alessio Tacso Lee babel is north of Padua. I have a potter friend =3D
outside of Verons, Lynn Darlington.
I can give you their personal contact information offlist.

On Mar 13, 2010, at 2:24 AM, Marilu Tejero wrote:

> Hi Marcia,
> WSill you please giveme some info about potteries in Italy, I'll be =3D
visiting soon many cities, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, etc.
> --- On Fri, 3/12/10, Marcia Selsor wrote:
> From: Marcia Selsor
> Subject: Potters in Spain
> Date: Friday, March 12, 2010, 6:38 AM
> There are Spanish potters working in Agost. There were 21 potteries =3D
when I lived there in 1985-86. I also visited 48 pottery centers =3D
throughout the country. Many are gone now. The Spanish entry into the =3D
European commmunity was tough on traditional potters.
> However, some managed to adapt.=3D20
> In Agost, there is a center where studio potters work and a =3D
potterymuseum. There are still five very active potteries with the big 3 =
and 4 story kilns.
> At least they were still there a few years ago. I know the Centro =3D
Agost and museum are still there.=3D20
> This is 18 km into the hills above Alicante.
> There are great museum collections Barcelona (NE Coast) , Valencia =3D
(East Coast) , Madrid (central) , Ubeda (South but not coast) ,
> Pontevedra (nw near coast)=3D20
> There are several potters in Ubeda as well. Casa de Tito is a potters =3D
collection that includes a ceramic Roman Bathtub as well as many tinaja =3D
stoage containers and nice pots.=3D20
> The word for pottery in Spanish is "Alfarera".=3D20
> There is also Arcadi Vlasco who does large sculptural installation =3D
pieces with various natural colored stoneware in wood firing. His studio =
was north of Alicante. Several of his installations are along the coast =3D
north of Alicante. Very impressive work.
> Marcia Selsor

Marcia Selsor