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razor thin bowls by :huang cheng-nan

updated wed 10 mar 10


James Freeman on tue 9 mar 10

Antoinette, et alii...

Adelaide Alsop Robineau did a bit of work with eggshell porcelain 80 or 90
years ago. She completely bedded the pieces in sand before loading them in
the kiln in order to prevent warping. I read a write up describing some of
her techniques several years ago. I believe it was in the book "Adelaide
Alsop Robineau: Glory of Porcelain", but it may have been in Taxile Doat's
book "Grand Feu Ceramics". Both books are long out of print, so best to
obtain them through a library.

Hope it adds a piece to the puzzle.

All the best.


James Freeman

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On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Antoinette Badenhorst <> wrote:

> Well, he mentions during this vidio that one needs very good clay. I was
> amazed at NCECA last year and also at SOFA the year before to see Asian
> potters making large and thin porcelain bowls. The pieces seems not to be
> casted and not to be supported in the kiln. But then one could not see t=
> inside of the kiln to see where he placed the bowl he was handling.