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so if not summer nceca, what is your favorite time to do conferen=

updated wed 10 mar 10


Antoinette Badenhorst on mon 8 mar 10


one would think that since so many workshops takes place in the summer, it =
would be a perfect time.

Also; if you have to choose the perfect conference, what would be your favo=
rite subjects?

Antoinette Badenhorst
Lincolnshire, Illinois

Rimas VisGirda on tue 9 mar 10


About 20 years ago I suggested NCECA be held outside the USA... I was remin=
ded that it's the NATIONAL Council... -Rimas

From: Frank Gaydos
Subject: Re: So if not Summer NCECA, what is your favorite time to do conf=

Why not have it in a foreign country like Aruba or the Bahamas. A cure for =
the winter time blues.=3D20