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so if not summer nceca, what is your favorite time to do confe=

updated thu 11 mar 10


Lee Love on tue 9 mar 10


The American Pottery Festival is pretty incredible. And affordable!
This year celibrates the 20th Anniversery of Northern Clay Center's
founding. Check it out:

Liz Quackenbush, Mark Pharis, and Linda Christianson and Julia
Galloway are just a few of the folks demoing.

In addition to the regular shop artists, featured Guest at the sale will be=

Donna Anderegg (CA), Stanley Mace Andersen (NC), Dan Anderson (IL),
Chuck Aydlett (MT), Mary Barringer (MA), Chris Baskin (OR), Peter
Beasecker (TX), Bill Brouillard (OH), Wayne Branum (WI), Andy Brayman
(MI), Bob Briscoe (MN), Mary Louise Carter (LA), Joe Christiansen
(MN), Linda Christianson (MN), Sam Chung (AZ), Naomi Cleary (PA),
Michael Connelly (PA), Bernadette Curran (PA), Malcolm Davis (WV),
Charity Davis-Woodard (IL), Josh DeWeese (MT), Kowkie Durst (OR),
Sanam Emami (CO), Paul Eshelman (IL), Marty Fielding (VT), Julia
Galloway (MT), Steve Godfrey (AK), Silvie Granatelli (VA), Ursula
Hargens (MN), Sarah Heimann (NH), Bryan Hopkins (NY), Ayumi Horie
(NY), Marlene Jack (VA), Sarah Jaeger, (MT), Eric Jensen (IL), Randy
Johnston (WI), Gail Kendall (NE), Maren Kloppmann (MN), Ben Krupka
(CT), Forrest Lesch-Middelton (CA), Simon Levin (WI), Suze Lindsay
(NC), Elizabeth Lurie (MI), Liz Lurie (TX), Warren MacKenzie (MN),
Missy McCormick (AR), Jan McKeachie-Johnston (WI), Kent McLaughlin
(NC), Alleghany Meadows (CO), Ron Meyers (GA), Sequoia Miller (WA),
Lisa Naples (PA), Jeff Oestreich (MN), Lisa Orr (TX), Jess Parker
(CA), Aysha Peltz (VT), Mark Pharis (WI), David Pier (NC), Joseph
Pintz (OH), Liz Quackenbush (PA), Brenda Quinn (NY), Kari Radasch
(ME), Alison Reintjes (KY), Davie Reneau (KY), S.C. Rolf (WI), Hide
Sadohara (NY), Pete Scherzer (MN), Ellen Shankin (VA), Mark Shapiro
(MA), Sandy Simon (CA), Chuck Solberg (MN), Will Swanson (MN), Shoko
Teruyama (NC), Betsy Williams (NM), Shannon Williams-Adams (MT),
Michael Wisner (CO), Rosalie Wynkoop (MT), Liz Zlot Summerfield (NC).

Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

=3D93Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel
the artistry moving through and be silent.=3D94 --Rumi

David Woof on wed 10 mar 10


Well yes=3D2C it is a National council and perhaps a reminder is needed tha=
t =3D
since it stands for National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts it s=
hould be kept teacher friendly and accessible. =3D20

Not as much for us old timers who should have our kit together enough to tr=
avel where and when we want but for our young teachers teaching and inspiri=
ng the next generation of clay (Yes Lee=3D2C persons) arti=
s=3D2C studio potters=3D2C production potters=3D2C potters=3D2C clay folkey=
. designations ad nauseum.... who if even their school would pay expenses f=
or a NCECA conference may get balky at forking out hard cash for an obvious=
good time had by all trip to some exotic faraway land. =3D20

The logistics of keeping this original NCECA feature in a long distance ven=
ue is daunting.


Too closely reminds me also of yesterday's hotshots who have turned their t=
ired workshop presentations into tour packages rather that risk their reput=
ations by forging ahead in their work and risking failure to get to the nex=
t level interesting enough to inspire a new wave of workshop attendees.=3D2=


Unless incisive decisions are made=3D2C every organization and institution =
s a life cycle toward the common denominator of mediocrity and before death=
=3D2C lapses into an insider elite of tired good ol Boys and Gals patting e=
h others backs=3D2C massaging faltering egos propped up by increasingly arr=
ant self proclamations......of past glories and future illusions.=3D20


So what are we as individuals doing to support=3D2C inspire=3D2C and furthe=
r th=3D
e original Mission of NCECA? Of CLAYART?=3D2C of educating the public an=
d =3D
OUR coming Generations of Ceramists?


Get Lee Burningham in there! He's committed=3D2C experienced=3D2C smart an=
d ti=3D
reless!!! Give Tony and his tribe of 16 big hugs!!! if I keep naming I'm =
sure to miss many so will stop now. =3D20

So is my money where my mouth is in this relatively sparsely populated cowb=
oy state? =3D20


In addition to working regularly in my own studio and exhibiting=3D3B last=
ear three high school students entrusted to me each won $1000.00 scholarshi=
ps. One is now attending NAU=3D2C two are studying with me at Yavapai Coll=
e where they are inspiring other students young and older alike.=3D20


And last spring four of my New Visions Academy High School students took on=
e second place and four honorable mentions in the Red Rock Northern Arizona=
High Schools Art Exhibition and Competition. And another student=3D2C age=
ixteen=3D2C enrolled this spring in a college drawing class to support her =
velopment in the visual arts. We have it going on here in the Verde Valle=
y!!! Our children are our responsibility.


New Visions Academy is a small charter school dedicated to educate and ment=
or the kids who are too bright=3D2C inquisitive=3D2C creative=3D2C free spi=
rited =3D
and youthful=3D2C to slog thru the creativity opposed crap encountered in t=
mainstream system that hampers the efforts of conscientious creative admin=
istrators=3D2C teachers=3D2C and students alike.


With a bit of inspiration and direction some of these kids will become the =
next us! Can any of you relate?


David Woof..........Clarkdale=3D2C Arizona............where the mountain sc=
ols are closing because of snow and ice this AM and my sweetie tells me her=
magnolia is blooming on the southern coast of Oregon. What an inspiring =
world turning under our feet!!!
1a. So if not Summer NCECA=3D2C what is your favorite time to do conference
Posted by: "Rimas VisGirda" rtv1942@YAHOO.COM=3D20
Date: Tue Mar 9=3D2C 2010 6:56 am ((PST))
About 20 years ago I suggested NCECA be held outside the USA... I was remin=
ded that it's the NATIONAL Council... -Rimas
From: Frank Gaydos
Subject: Re: So if not Summer NCECA=3D2C what is your favorite time to do c=
Why not have it in a foreign country like Aruba or the Bahamas. A cure for =
the winter time blues.=3D3D20

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