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subject: schools, educatiion, creativity, and false dichotomies.

updated tue 23 mar 10


ivor & olive lewis on mon 22 mar 10

I had promised to stay out of this Can of very large Lumbricus Terrestris
but Lili's comment "Teachers fail...." shattered my resolve .
I recall a colleague who was selected to supervise Driver Education. To be
accepted by the authorities to do this he had to pass an advanced driving
course. When he got his result he had failed. For him it was a catastrophe.
He broke down in floods of tears. Our School Principal had no sympathy for
him and remarked that this was his first experience of Failure. Now he woul=
empathise with those he taught who had difficulty with learning. Thorough
primary school, secondary school and university he was the triple A grade

All the best,