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brush painting demo at 8 and bowl size correction

updated sun 28 mar 10


Elizabeth Priddy on sat 27 mar 10

I said 8 in the header and 9 in the text.=3D0A=3D0AIt is 8 in the Marriott!=
ePriddy=3D0A=3D0AElizabeth Priddy=3D0ABeaufort, NC - USA=3D0A=3D0Ahttp://w=
ww.elizabe=3D On Sat, 3/27/10, Elizabeth Priddy y@YAHO=3D
O.COM> wrote:=3D0A=3D0A> From: Elizabeth Priddy =3D0A=
> Subj=3D
ect: brush painting demo at 8 and bowl size=3D0A> To: Clayart@LSV.CERAMICS.=
G=3D0A> Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 1:08 AM=3D0A> I will be doing the d=
emo =3D
at 9 pm on=3D0A> Wednesday in the Marriott clay art room.=3DA0 This is the=
=3D0A> =3D
same time as the keynote with Terry Gross.=3DA0 I listen to=3D0A> her inter=
s on NPR, she is great.=3DA0 But I hope a few=3D0A> of you can come anyway!=
=3D0A> I will demonstrate the peas and lady bug motif.=3D0A> =3D0A> And I =
was as=3D
ked the size of my bowl. It is 4.25 inches=3D0A> across and 3 high.=3D0A> =
=3D0A> =3D
=3D0A> - ePriddy=3D0A> =3D0A> Elizabeth Priddy=3D0A> Beaufort, NC - USA=3D0=
A> =3D0A> ht=3D
tp://> =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A