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nceca loop tool demo

updated fri 2 apr 10


Snail Scott on mon 29 mar 10

If anyone is interested in the "Make a quick cheap
loop tool form trash" demo at NCECA, I'm thinking
we'll do it around 3:30 Thursday. Just a low-key,
casual sharing of an easy trick I worked out.

If you have dead Sharpie-type markers (standard size)
bring 'em along; I think I have enough dead windshield
wipers to go around. If you have needle-nose pliers,
those will some in handy, too.

See ya there!


PotterybyJohn on thu 1 apr 10

Hey Snail,

What about us hapless souls that didn't get to go to Philly? This sounds s=
intriguing, and I have dead Sharpies and windshield wipers that I have
nothing to do with. Can you share with us? After NCECA if you don't want
to spoil the surprise for the lucky few.

John Lowes
Sandy Springs, GA