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updated fri 2 apr 10


dianamp@COMCAST.NET on tue 30 mar 10

Hi Clayart:

I have been working with a Brent extruder for more than thirty years

and teaching for more than twenty.

Wednesday at NOON in the Clayart Room

I will present three power points showing

how to make large work using extrusion:

these projects include:


and large PLATTERS.

All of this work has been created by my students at E.M.U.

You will be amazed by what these first semester students

have accomplished using these techniques.

The presentations will be repeated at 10 a.m. Friday morning

in the Clayart Room and again at the K-12 Image Forum on

Friday at 3:00.

I will also have my Cone 6 Reduction Glaze tiles on display

at the NCECA Green Booth during the conference.

I hope to see you.


Diana Pancioli