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nceca is over

updated mon 5 apr 10


Frank Gaydos on sat 3 apr 10

Well, I'm exhausted!=3D20

There was simply too much to see and do. Hosting a show was an eye opener a=
s to how much work goes into the prep and set-up and now dismantling of a s=
how. Lots of fires to put out but we got the job done. We still had folks s=
topping by to see our show on Sat urday.=3D20
It was wonderful seeing all the clayart folks once I found their hotel. The=
Courtyard at Marriott is way different than the Marriott's courtyard. Why =
would they have two competing hotels next to themselves? Yikes!=3D20
Lots of great work to see, demonstrations to watch and people to meet and g=

The weather was superb after the initial nor'easter went by on Tuesday. Our=
5th of the season. (The pre-conference wood fireing folks got soaked)=3D20

Mid 70's did the trick.=3D20

I hope=3DC2=3DA0everyone had a blast and enjoyed themselves.=3D20


J Motzkin on sun 4 apr 10

Yes, NCECA is over. And a fine NCECA it was. I never did find the Clayart
hotel or room. There was so much content and works and friends to see in
Philly and nary enough time. The band for the dance was great. I could
barely walk yesterday. But, back in the studio and catching up on a week
away, I am pleased that I made it this year. Sad to have not connected with

judy motzkin studio
7 tufts street Cambridge MA