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fw: nceca opportunity, a challenge.

updated fri 9 apr 10


Susan Fox Hirschmann on thu 8 apr 10

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From: Susan Fox Hirschmann
=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A----- Forwarded Message ----=3D0AFrom: Susan Fox Hirsch=
mann>=3D0ATo: Carolyn Boeri =
ent: Thu, April 8, 2010 2:27:12 PM=3D0ASubject: Re: NCECA opportun=
y, a challenge.=3D0A=3D0A=3D0Ayeah....demonstrations...."like watching gras=
s grow=3D
" was definitely appropriate description of watching=3DA0 the sculptor.=3DA=
0 Am=3D
azingly the potter, after 20 yrs throwing, checked all his bottom thickness=
es!=3DA0 I thought that a total sleeper, and tho his work is highly acclaim=
and in major galleries,=3DA0 after throwing for 20 years, he is still chec=
ng bottom thicknesses,....dahhhhhhh!!!! After watching him do that consecut=
ively for 4 different pieces pots, I realized I was starting to doze and th=
at there was nothing new there....totally dull to me, no unusual forms,...a=
nd I left for lunch and more "juices" in other rooms.=3D0ABravo for all tho=
demos in the clayart room and for Mel for making it all happen for all of =
us!=3DA0 There is a comraderie with other clay buds existing no where else =
t the clayart room!=3D0AMany thanks to all!
san fox hirschmann=3D0Aannandale, Va=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A______________=
______=3D0AFrom: Carolyn Boeri =3D0ATo: Susan Fox=
schmann ; Susan Reilly =3D
net>=3D0ASent: Thu, April 8, 2010 9:56:12 AM=3D0ASubject: Re: NCECA ......a=
n op=3D
portunity, a challenge.=3D0A=3D0Aditto, The demonstrations were not all tha=
t in=3D
teresting, Steve Tobin's and La Mesa, South St. mosaics,and of course the C=
layart room were the best. Next year I will spend more time in the clayart =
room. susan read all the way down, to get the jist of this missle.=3D0ACaro=
n Boeri=3D0A----- Original Message ----- From: "Susan Fox Hirschmann" ot=3D>=3D0ATo: =3D0ASent: Tuesday=
, Ap=3D
ril 06, 2010 9:34 PM=3D0ASubject: Re: NCECA opportunity, a challen=
.=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A> Hi Bill,=3D0A> I actually found a few of the seminars rat=
her illu=3D
minating but I do like your idea.=3D0A> I would like to add to that a claya=
room presentation on:=3D0A> Mixing media (something I do)=3D0A> & mudras (=
hand exercises for potters).=3D0A> What do you think?=3D0A> Susan=3D0A> su=
san fo=3D
x hirschmann=3D0A> artpottery=3D0A>> =3D0A> =3D0A> =
=3D0A> =3D0A> =3D
________________________________=3D0A> From: William & Susan Schran User sc=3D
hran@COX.NET>=3D0A> To: Clayart@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG=3D0A> Sent: Tue, April 6, =
8:20:50 AM=3D0A> Subject: Re: NCECA opportunity, a challenge.=3D0=
A> =3D
=3D0A> On 4/5/10 11:35 AM, "Antoinette Badenhorst" ST=3D
.NET>=3D0A> wrote:=3D0A> =3D0A>> Well, it was not the best one for me eithe=
r. I c=3D
ould not really lay my finger=3D0A>> on the why it was not so good. I had t=
o =3D
hunt too much and saw too little and I=3D0A>> asked my self constantly if t=
fault was with me that I was just plain=3D0A>> ignorant or was it somethin=
g =3D
else. I still don't know. Maybe the expectancy=3D0A>> was too high because =
was Philly.=3D0A> =3D0A> And I had just the opposite experience.=3D0A> I r=
d from the last NCECA in Phoenix it was ridicules to try and do it=3D0A> al=
or even most of it.=3D0A> Without a car and deciding not to do the shuttle=
s, I knew I wasn't going=3D0A> to any shows beyond what I could walk to.=3D=
0A> =3D
=3D0A> I went to a couple of the NCECA lectures/presentations but found mys=
f=3D0A> nodding off - maybe if they had something to say...=3D0A> =3D0A> I =
d to spend more time in the Clayart room reconnecting with folks and=3D0A> =
tending the presentations/workshops held there - all were great!=3D0A> Then=
f courses the best show at NCECA - Strictly Functional!!=3D0A> =3D0A> The f=
ew s=3D
hows in the Marriot next to convention center seemed to be enough=3D0A> for=
e - satisfied my esthetic needs.=3D0A> =3D0A> But the highlight was visitin=
g St=3D
eve Tobin's studio!=3D0A> Just that experience made NCECA for me.=3D0A> =3D=
0A> I'=3D
m thinking if I go to Tampa, I may purchase a one-day pass to visit the=3D0=
vendors hall and that will be it as far as NCECA,=3D0A> The rest of the ti=
it will be shows and Clayart.=3D0A> Already thinking about next year's Cla=
rt room - how about a presentation=3D0A> on understanding and developing es=
etically pleasing wheel thrown forms?=3D0A> =3D0A> Bill=3D0A> =3D0A> -- Wil=
liam "Bi=3D
ll" Schran=3D0A>>>
eative=3D> =3D0A> =3D0A> =3D0A> =3D0A> =3D0A> =3D0A> =3D0A=3D0=