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nceca, yet another take

updated mon 12 apr 10


sharonia628 on sat 10 apr 10

So, I really loved my time in Philadelphia and in the clayart room.
I met lovely clayarters known up til now in scintillating posts, got a
lovely hug from Mel (who says that's the way we do it!), and got my fill of
the most beautiful pots.

I didn't have time for one single session, but drank in the artstream
exhibit, the k-12 exhibit, the galleries exhibits, the mug room, the
exhibits around town - Val's pots are so masterful, and I loved Sandi and
Neil's exhibit.

The market right outside the convention center was where I had the most fun
eats, it's a wilder version of our West Side Market in Cleveland, which we
love so much.

I'm so thrilled to have gotten my little mug from Jon Singer in the clayart
room, and learned a great trick with dead windshield wipers and sharpies
from Snail. I was so pleased to meet Carole and Ilene and Jean, to have suc=
fragrant tea from Eric, and I think the mug exchange is a total success an=
so nicely organized, thank you muggetts.

Very memorable. My pictures are not as well organized or thorough as others
have been (and I see I inadvertently included my little weeping cherry just
now in it's full glory. Oh well).

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