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updated thu 22 apr 10


gayle bair on tue 20 apr 10

st don't get it!

What I don't get is:

Tobin generously opened up his studio to Clayart (& I'm assuming others =
showed up too),
fed everyone, gave one of his pieces to every person and put on a =3D
I quite enjoyed the reports from Clayarters and watching his various =3D
demonstrations on YouTube.
Somehow the discussion morphed into a cat fight about background, =3D
degrees, college, artist egos etc etc ad nauseaum.

All I know was that I was sorely tempted to go to NCECA because of the =3D
Clayart room, Tobin's invite and the vendor's hall.=3D20

I don't care if Tobin went to college or has financial means other than =3D
sales to provide him with his studio.
I simply like his work, style, and expression.=3D20

So I guess all I'm saying is GET OVER IT and stop biting the hand that =3D
offered to feed you.

So if Mr.Tobin is laughing I'm glad but just in case he's not I'd like =3D
to thank him for his generosity even though I didn't attend.

Gayle Bair...went to an Art college.... received a BFA in Printmaking...=3D=

didn't acknowledge myself as an artist until many decades later.
College was one part of a kick start... I had to do the rest.
Bainbridge Island WA
Tucson AZ

On Apr 20, 2010, at 10:30 AM, Sandy miller wrote:

> and I do believe Mr Tobin would laughing over all this.
> He said it, it is done and I bet he is quite busy in his =3D
> Sandy Miller
> On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 5:01 PM, Eric Hansen
> wrote:
>> Kelly, all: Wish I could get a transcript of what Tobin said but from
>> hearsay evidence, etc.: (& he isn't of the caliber of Andy =3D
Goldsworthy of
>> Martin Puyear or Tadashi Kawamata) he does have a college degree in
>> mathematics - and he doesn't list his full bio, I suspect that there =3D
he is
>> fudging a little. We are all self-taught artists anyway. It is =3D
>> with
>> large public installation projects to generate quite a bit of =3D
revenue. My
>> brother is in this business, but without the ego issues that Tobin
>> obviously
>> suffers from. Tobin probably built his studio from sale of large =3D
>> His work looks like a mathemetician pretending to dabble in art if =3D
you ask
>> me. I can easily see his lack of training and study in areas like =3D
>> and/or painting. Still that doesn't really mean anything, if he likes =
it &
>> his customers like it & all is well what difference does it make? =3D
>> of
>> a bio he lists an inane essay comparing his work to DuChamp, others. =3D
>> there is no DuChamp in Tobins work. The essay is drivel.
>> h a n s e n