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new studio's

updated sun 28 dec 97


James Bretes on sat 27 dec 97

I was wondering if anyone is PLANNING to build or remodel your studio in
the near future..
I have heard different topics on studio's from clayart of what type of
floor's, to the health hazards of dust in a studio. From layouts such
as spray booths, and furnaces to just a simple 10x10 area and from the
expenses it might incurr.
If anyone is interested: I have laid out my blueprint of my studio,
and finished pic's that I just finished up on, as of June of 97. It was
about 6 years in the making, and about 2 years to make,($$ cash flow) it
envolves, With just a few minor adjustments, "cellular potting"+
eurgonomic height on equipment,+ safety = more production, and less
downtime!, with less effort and less injuries on "the job".
I believe that I cannot email through on clayart, on the blueprint. It
is 2.8 meg. The pic of the studio is O.K. it seems that the blueprint
seems to take up to much space? If anyone is interested I will be glad
to try to email directly. I tired to send it from work and it would not
take that amount of email at one time.? to my address.

Any questions, I will greatfully answer, and try to help, understanding
that these are only my thoughts and opionions from the experences that I
have went through.