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a simple raku clear glaze.

updated tue 27 apr 10


Bill Merrill on mon 26 apr 10

I started a load of laundry today and put in my regular soap and some 20
Mule Team Borax. The borax is very fine in size. I was reminded of a
workshop Paul Soldner gave in Torrington, Wyoming in '68.

He built a simple corbelled arch kiln from scrap house brick and had a
weed burner propane set-up for the heat source. The glaze he used was
50% 20 Mule Team Borax and 50% colemanite. It produced a clear white
Raku on a white body and a pinkish color when he glazed over a red
bodied clay.


I have a cone 016 glaze that is similar to the old Japanese Raku pieces
if anyone would like the glaze. Let me know and I'll post the glaze.



Johanna DeMaine on mon 26 apr 10

Hi Bill
I would be interested in having this glaze posted.


Johanna DeMaine

Lee Love on mon 26 apr 10

Here is my favorite raku glaze. It is the closest lowfire glaze I
know of to Shino:

Made using Japanese materials:

Tak Fat White Raku Glaze Comments: A Kurt Wild glaze, it came from a
student named Takahara.

Fat white, big crackle Give it time to cool just a second/deep reduction

frit 3134 100
silica 6 epk 10
tin or opax 10 If you want a clear leave this out. Bentonite will help
suspend it.

Takes copper well: blue/green to red/blood . Variations -- Takes
copper well Leave out tin for clear
Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

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