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updated thu 6 may 10


Claudia MacPhee on mon 3 may 10


You probably didn't know that Canada also has a VAT tax that we call the =
GST. Originally it was 7%. The party now in power has taken it down to 5% (=
won't go into the reasons etc. and my opinion on it).
As a business you get refunded any GST you pay. HOWEVER, you have to char=
ge it when you sell retail and remit it to the Government. No charges on wh=
olesale orders. It is a royal BITB. With the Free Trade Agreement there is =
no duty on ceramic materials crossing the border. Same on finished goods. J=
ust the stupid GST.
In the Yukon we have no sales taxes so are better off than most province=
s. Some poor devils have a thing called "harmonized taxes". They pay up to =
15% on just about everything they buy. Buy a litre of yogurt, no tax. Buy a=
small container, pay tax!
If you guys are serious about a revolution this should start one! We put =
up with it because Canadians are pretty peace loving and limit their protes=
ts to complaining.

Claudia MacPhee Tagish, Yukon

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Claudia MacPhee on tue 4 may 10


Big Shocker, I am going to say something good about our GST tax! As it w=
as implemented to make Canadian goods more competitive in the US market wit=
h the advent of the Free Trade Agreement it replaced a weird and wonderful =
manufacturers tax. Tariffs on some of the goods I exported were up to 30%.=
First year of the agreement they were reduced by half, then went down a co=
uple of percent until they were at zero.
Today I crossed the border with a nice load of goods which cost me $10.7=
5 for processing fees. I recrossed into Canada with a half ton of pottery m=
aterials, over$1,000 worth. GST was $59. I shudder to think of what just a =
few years ago the duty would have been.
Most people I know say they wouldn't mind paying this new extra tax IF =
it was solely applied to our Federal deficit. But for use as more vote buyi=
ng schemes, forget it! With the current mood on taxes, can't see this one e=
asy to sell South of our border......

Claudia MacPhee Tagish, Yukon looking forward to using some of this new=
clay I got today, and mixing up some new glazes too.

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