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paint away your owies

updated wed 5 may 10


Stephani Stephenson on tue 4 may 10

I'm not saying 'take a pot or a painting to your doctor", as in the the
recent "take a chicken to the doctor' fiasco,=3D20
but this is an interesting article on a group which actually 'brokers'
artists' skills traded for
medical services.

It might actually work, that way. . I
buy health insurance on the open market,sans dental. i did trade some
tilework for a very necessary root canal once, but otherwise, bringing up=

the question of exchange tends to bring pursed lips, furrowed brows ,
staring at the ceiling or the floor, and cursory dismissals.

As in , "Even if the doctor accepted artwork in exchange for medical
procedure, you'd still have to pay the receptionist $20,000: will that be=
cash or a major credit card?"

anyway , interesting read

Stephani Stephenson