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updated mon 29 dec 97


James Bretes on sun 28 dec 97

Dear clayart: I am sending my pic's to you, (in series of part 2) so
others can have ideas and thoughts on possibility of redesigning or
building a new studio. I do not have a web site nor the experience of
being able to get one. I just "dabble" a little on my computer. By
sharing my ideas and thoughts it is.....
By no means it is NOT to discourge or to "give up of trying", to build
a studio. Remember, that nothing is without sacrifice. This is only to
inspire and to encourge all of you!!! In your endevers of potting easier
and safer.

Studio part 1. (long)sorry,
My studio consists of 32x48 polebarn. It is about 98% finished. The
water,sewer and gas is tied into the house. The electric tied into
commerical. 200amp service, 30x32 is the studio, while the 18x22 is the
garage. The garage is used for load and unloading ect. Mixing clay
ie.clay mixer, supplies ie.chemicals and clay, and display units. I
ran 220v,110v and air lines in garage area for future use and for my
motar mixer,(clay).
I used a shingle roof, for expansion of the heat generated from the
kilns, plus much quieter. The furnace is outside in garage area, 80%
80,000 btu gas fuel efficent furnace. Has a air "adjustment" on the
furnace. By using the spray booth and the exhaust fan for the kiln..the
furnace will automatically open a barametric? valve to allow fresh air
in from outside,to relieve a negative air flow. Also set up for central
air if needed in future. The duct work and air lines is above the
ceiling, ducts are insulated. I have forced air down towards the floor.
I have 4 ceiling fans to distribute the air when needed. I have 9 air
vents which are all adjustable. The ceiling is 9" and walls are 6" of
insulation. Equipped with a bathroom and a small (closet janitor area)
for the brooms main water and gas lines,and my air compressor. I have a
main area for most of my work and 3 other rooms which are the kiln,
glaze and the office. the floor is concrete, set-up with 4"-4 1/2",
steel reinforce fence for stability, and fiberglass in the concrete. I
have tiled the floor with armstrong commericial tiles. I have 16 4 bulb
surface mounted floresent lights. All walking areas are min of 30" to
allow 2'in width of ware carts to travel. I have 2 sets of quick
connect air lines in each area and garage, for spraying, extruding ect.
I have 3 different height adjustments on the tables for my benefit and
maybe others.
This is the make up of my studio, it might be a little more than usual,
but I wanted to keep on thinking...What if? in the making of this.
Any questions such as cost, anymore info ect, email me privately.