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updated tue 11 may 10


Stephani Stephenson on mon 10 may 10

the most valuable resource for me, when I considered going into business=

was a local workshop. The workshop , called something like "Should I go=3D2=

into business?",(actually it had a better title, but it was for people
considering starting a business) was put on by the local ,yes, feminist
oriented community organizing outfit, in Missoula ,Montana.
(grin) but it was open to anybody. They also partnered with a local 'smal=
business incubator' and even had a microloan program.
For $25 , they provided an , objective , one day introduction to what is=

involved in starting and managing a small business. There were people the=
who had gone through the process and had good experience to relay. For on=
session, they had a panel of about 5 different folks who started business=
of different types. There were no potters, per se, but there was a craft
business, and other businesses close enough in nature, that their
experiences could apply to your own ideas.
they provided helpful ways for you to determine what kind of person you a=
with regards to what kind of risk you want to take (as in , do I leap? or=
I wean slowly?). Also specific information about keeping books,
taxes,access to resources.
I would suggest finding something like this, the amount of feedback and i=
you will get by participating in such a workshop is more valuable, IMHO,
than any book. you can use a book as a resource. the workshop also provid=
a very thorough info packet, which was useful to me as I embarked on my o=
business...hmmm. 1992.

Getting a sense of what it is like being self employed or managing a smal=
business is as important as finding out about pottery business in
particular. possibly moreso.

Stephani Stephenson