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death of shop class

updated mon 24 may 10


mel jacobson on sun 23 may 10

that too is a big issue.
no one learns basic machine safety any longer.
GET ANY SHOP CLASS.) so, many go off half cocked and try stuff
on tools they have no business touching.

the death of shop class at hopkins high school was all do
to the same tool: the jointer/planer.

two girls lost fingers, and one boy lost a part of his thumb.
(in the case of one girl, she just went over and started to
plane a rough piece of wood, she had no idea what she was doing.
but, it was the teachers fault.)
amazing, the most dedicated wood shop teachers i have
ever met. they just dropped the program. the last few years the LAST fel=
did all the power tool jobs for the kids. the machines were sold at auctio=
for pennies.

my brother taught wood shop for twenty years. not one accident.
but, he was really fussy. ninth grade boys could really be a challenge.
pushing the guy on the saw, that sort of thing. brainless fools.

my brother purchased his school saw/ a huge dewalt cast iron table saw
like 3 horse electric for 100 bucks. he gave away his commercial
ten inch new dewalt. it was half the weight of his school saw. he gave
his saw to a teacher with the truck that found jim's saw at auction and
bought it for my brother.

we have a complete wood shop at the farm. but, only trained
professionals touch anything. i am really careful on that damned
jointer/planer. that one scares me. of course, bob holman with
parkinson's disease uses it all the time...he is blessed by god some way.

i still think the chainsaw is the world's most accident prone saw..
and, mine weighs 275 pounds..because it come attached to me.
no one ever borrows my saws. esp the chain...and, you are a total
pissant if you live in minn/wisc and only have one chain saw.
i have...hmmm, counting my 18V battery saw, four.
huskyvarny, 2 stihl's and a great electric chain saw sharpener.
(a great buy at harbor freight..all plastic and like 29 bucks..but
it really does sharpen that chain. )

girls that have graduated from my clay program, and expect to go
on as professionals, i suggest they take welding at the local vo/tech.
about four of them have done that. they thank me all the time.
adult courses in large machine use, are great at vo-techs. more should
take them. it will serve you for the rest of your life.

from: minnetonka, mn
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