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canopy-display wanted....

updated mon 5 jan 98


kathleen chase on wed 31 dec 97

Hi- As the cold weather rushes in so do the spring and summer show
applications. The borrowed canopy that I used last year is unavailable this
year. Does anyone have a canopy for sale at a reasonable price? I have
access to canvas/poly and an industrial sewing sister so the "top"
condition is secondary to the condition of the poles/legs/hardware. I'm in
Massachusetts so anyplace on the east coast/North East region would be
We are also thinking of buying a new canopy/display so if anyone has
recommendations please email me. TIA-Kathy Chase on Cape Cod-where the
frost has finally wilted my flowers and frozen the rotted pumpkin...

BERNARD J WILLIAMS on thu 1 jan 98

Just wondering how to shop for a canopy display. Can you name a company or
some place I might write for a catalog?

Robert Katz on fri 2 jan 98

It is ME - Vicki Leigh from Compuserve. HI - new net program allowed me to
get on Clayart - Finally !
How much do you want to spend ?
I have seen some wonderful Canopy displays advertised in Ceramics Monthly,
but they are expensive. I bought mine for about $140 at a sportman's place
down here called ACADEMY. It is close to the bottom of the line in
quality, but works great for my purposes & is the required 10X10 in size.
There are others, same line that are more & are a bit nicer. I am pleased
with my purchase in that with only minimum help I can raise the thing & it
is light enough to pick up over my shoulder & move it. It compresses into
a nice size retangular shape & has a cover for storage. It comes with
stakes to secure it in the event of a strong wind, but I use gallon milk
jugs filled with sand & tie them to the poles as alot of shows do not allow
stakes or are on a parking lot.
Let me know if this helps.
Vicki Leigh
At 12:52 PM 1/1/98 EST, you wrote:
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>Just wondering how to shop for a canopy display. Can you name a company or
>some place I might write for a catalog?
> Bernie

Tim Stowell on fri 2 jan 98

Before buying a canopy you need to look at several things...
How many outdoor shows a year are you currently doing and how
many will you be doing in the next few years?
Do you want to use the canopy indoors as well?
What kind of look do you want your booth to have?
Does everyone else have the same canopy? If they do how can you
make your booth stand out from the crowd?
How much stability does your booth set up recquire?
Do you want to actually sleep at night(somewhere else than in
your booth) during a rain storm or high winds?
How much money can you afford to spend on a canopy? Cheap is
rarely a good thing!!

I could probably keep adding questions and situations all night, but,
I'll cut to the chase. I have owned several different canopies throughout
our career. At our very first show we actually used a screen house tent.
The next few we used a dining fly and at the end of our first year we
bought an Easy-Up canopy. It served us well for several years (actually,
we ultimately went through two in five years). They were good canopies.
As our last Easy-Up was limping through it's last year we put aside
$50-$100 from each show and looked for a new canopy. All year I talked to
other exhibitors and watched how each different canopy reacted in the
weather. I even helped a few people setup and teardown their canopies. We
decided to purchase a CraftHut. That was six years ago and the only thing
that has happened is that many of the velcro tabs have come unglued. I
will reattach them this spring when I wash the canopy off before my first
outdoor show. We paid $1060 - including shipping - we had several custom
things added to the basic unit (double skylight, vents, awning, extra
door panel). I would buy another canopy from this company tomorrow - if I
had to, but, the one I have is still going strong. At the end of the year
I averaged out how much the canopy costs me per show and it came out to
about $14, next year it will be even lower. I didn't realize that in the
years before owning this canopy I didn't sleep straight through a night
during a show. The CraftHut not only kept our work safe and dry, but, it
allowed me to rest better and therefore sell better the next day. Good
Luck in your search. Their number is 1-800- 678-8677



Tim Stowell Gerard Stowell Pottery
Stacey Gerard 290 River Street Troy, NY 12180

Mark Issenberg on fri 2 jan 98

Bernie,I have a Craft Hut I am very happy with it, it has doors front and
back and also has an awning in the front and a bigger awning in the back.
The now have a new back awning that has sides that closes with zippers,I
mite have that added to mine. There address is : Newton Display Products
Inc. 122 Fifth St. Ft. Myers Fl. 33907
Phone # 800-678-8677 Fax

Elizabeth A. Ringus on fri 2 jan 98

I have had very good luck with Elaine Martin Co. phone # 1 800-642-1043, they
are located at 25685 Hillview Court. STE.E, Mundelein, Il 60060. They have
lots of other useful show items and take major credit cards.
I also would like to recommend to all other potters out there thinking of doing
the show circuit to subscribe to the Sunshine Artist magazine. It is THE best
show guide of all the ones out there and the most value for your money. Web
site is e-mail is The
information and advertising in this publication will help you a lot!
Liz @paw print pottery


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> Just wondering how to shop for a canopy display. Can you name a company or
> some place I might write for a catalog?
> Bernie

Linda Stauffer on sun 4 jan 98

I purchased a nice canopy call EZ Up. It collapses/folds up into a nice
manageable size and comes with a carrying case. I got it at B.J.'s
Wholesale club, but I've also seen them for sale at a local RV store(
motorhomes, campers, etc). I think it was 129.00. You can buy additional
side skirts or full panel sides. It is very easy to put up and take

the Gallagher's on sun 4 jan 98

Special events companies would be a good staring point. You can usually rent
from them for one day or weekend events, much longer and you really are better
off buying. But you culd see styles and get names of makers possibly.

worth a try.

Michelle in Oregon