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richards ash glaze

updated wed 2 jun 10


Bill Merrill on mon 31 may 10

I have used Richard A's glaze for many years. I have never washed the =3D
Apple wood ash I use. The ash comes from my son's wood fired oven. It =3D
is a nearly pure white, very fine and without any charcoal bits in it. I =
still sift it dry. If you look through the pieces that I have on Flickr =
you will see the wood ash glaze there. =3D20
I use the following glaze. (Richards glaze) plus colorants
50 apple wood ash
12.5 Custer spar
12.5 whiting
12.5 OM4
12.5 Flint

The glaze behaves =3D
wonderfully in the wet stage. I many times just brush it on and May dip =
or spray the glaze towards the base of the pot. I commonly fire to cone =
10 being shut off when cone 10 is at 1 o'clock on a clock face. I =3D
completely sclose the damper and plug up the burner ports. Depending on =
what glazes I'm firing, if I want a slower cool, I put a fibre blanket =3D
over the bricked up door.

There are numerous pots, my kiln article etc. on the Flickr site'

If anyone has a question, don't hesitate to write.

Bill Merrill