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studio building, with acknowledgements to lili

updated wed 2 jun 10 on tue 1 jun 10

Ground has been broken for our house addition cum studio. The excavators du=
g the hole for the foundation last week, poured the footing last Friday, an=
d today are assembling the forms for the foundation (except it has just sta=
rted to rain). Unprompted, the crew began at the pottery studio. Wise choic=
e, I say. So all should be ready for the framers by end of the week. We can=
't wait to get our belongings out of storage and move in. The foundation is=
somewhat complicated by outcroppings of ledge (as the builder calls it), w=
hich they have to work around. Fortunately, we didn't have to blast.

Lili, earlier in the process, while still in the design phase, I told our b=
uilder there was something he needed to hear so that he would understand ou=
r requirements and requests. I sat him down and read from your piece, begin=
ning "The ideal studio is 40 by 120 feet of solar-paneled brick..." We'll h=
ave drawing and painting above pottery, with direct access to the patio and=
firing pits. Oh, and let me not forget to mention the lupines have started=
to bloom.

in the western mountains of Maine