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are there right and left handed mugs

updated thu 10 jun 10


Lili Krakowski on wed 9 jun 10

Except for moustache mugs/cups I doubt it makes a difference.

Several of the commercial mugs I have have the message on the =3D
front--opposite side of handle.

But, if I may ask, why not make a wrap around design, that kinda has =3D
something on both sides...?

I do not know what message you are putting on: If it general kitsch =3D
then either side should do...if it is personal ("Good morning, Gorgeous" =
then why not make some of each....However a heads on message is what I =3D
would do.

(And the message I would put on is: "WASH ME!" Dirty coffee mugs are =3D
something else....

Ah well.
Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage