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slip on bisque

updated sat 12 jun 10


Lili Krakowski on fri 11 jun 10

Sorry. I know I shouldn't--but may I ask why when you spill slip you =3D
don't just mop it up right away before you slip on it?

Centa writes:

"I have been using Pete=3DB9s Forgiving White Slip without and with 10% =3D
and still, with one coat, with Zirc it is too translucent so difficult =3D
get a feel for the color."

Well, it appears the forgiving slip does not forgive, it forgets...

Your bisque is "preshrunk". Apparently (you do not give recipe) your =3D
slip is not. I think that is your problem.

There are recipes aplenty for slips for bisqueware. I know Rhodes gives =
some.But I am here and my books are not.

So. Check out Rhodes's "Clay and Glazes"

Or calcine some of the clay in your slip.

Assuming your slip is 40% kaolin/40% ball clay/10% nephsy, 10% silica, =3D
experiment with calcining 10% of each clay.
Experiment with calcining ALL the kaolin and none of the ball clay. =3D
Test. To calcine you just need to bisque the clays.
You can buy calcined clay, but why waste $?

There also are pyrophilite slips. Very good. But try this first...

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage