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surface painting extravaganza - brush with oxide - china painting =

updated sun 13 jun 10


May Luk on sat 12 jun 10


Hello all;

I finally got to play with painting on greenware. I would like to add
on china painting after the glaze firing. I think it would be nice to
add on glazed type painting on top of my water-color like under glaze
painting. Marci, if you are reading, can I have the contact again for
the supplier? I am still thinking about what palette I should get.

These are my efforts, please feel free to comment. I really like the
combination transfer print and painting. I am having a hard time
working out a nice 4 sided composition, even though I worked on a
sketch book beforehand, but it's hard to calculate the shrinkage on
with the discrepancy in hand-building. I just have to do a lot of it!